Mohammad Reynard Rasyad(Indonesia) Enrolled in 2022

I chose BPGI because, after finishing high school, I was uncertain about my career path and didn't want to specialize in something I might not be passionate about. I considered studying in Japan, and BPGI was my first choice due to its affordability and the range of fields it offered. BPGI, in particular, aligned with my interests in social sciences and provided flexibility in my academic pursuits.

I faced initial challenges living in Japan, especially due to the language barrier, but I gradually adapted to my new environment.

Prior to BPGI, I had an interest in gender studies. Since then, it has expanded, allowing me to explore a broader range of subjects and gain insights into global issues. The BPGI program was appealing to me because of its diverse student body, bringing together people with various backgrounds and interests. The diverse perspectives and arguments in class enriched my academic experience and opened my eyes a little more. I realized no one is ever wrong. It's just that it's a right answer from their perspective, whether cultural, ideological, or other perspectives.

I can now focus on other things than just gender issues. I had a positive experience during my exchange program at ICU, where I was exposed to the humanities aspect of global issues and followed lectures from renowned people such as the ex-ambassador to Japan for the United Nations.

In terms of my future plans, I've shifted my focus from gender studies to education, including primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. I aspire to work in international organizations like the OECD, where I can influence global educational policies to benefit future generations.

Asako Kuroda (Japan) Enrolled in 2022

Because I lived in New Zealand through middle and high school, I wanted to return to Japan to receive university education in English. My goal was to find a place that offered diverse opportunities for my future, and that's when I discovered BPGI. The university allowed us to explore global issues while focusing on my main interest, which is marine conservation. Additionally, I wanted to be in a multicultural environment, and BPGI's website indicated a diverse international student body. Another reason was that I didn't want a purely Japanese education. I desired an environment where I could reconnect with my home culture and embrace it fully, as I felt I had drifted away from Japanese culture while in New Zealand. So, coming back to Japan provided the best of both worlds for me.

I initially had very high expectations towards BPGI and the University of Tsukuba because I had heard great things about the university. My experience here has been far better than I anticipated. I really like that many lectures are offered in English and cover various fields of study, a mix of humanities and environmental subjects I had the freedom to choose from. BPGI's smaller number of students allowed me to bond with professors and receive excellent support. They were kind and kept in touch, making it a great place to grow connections. I also found the University of Tsukuba’s location to be ideal, as it is close enough to Tokyo for accessibility, yet not too close to distract from studying. The three months in ICU were great, I made wonderful friends from different countries.

My future plans revolve around my passion for marine conservation. I aspire to work in a role that allows me to protect and help the environment, whether it's in New Zealand, or even South America, particularly focusing on the Amazon rainforest. This is why I'm interested in learning Spanish. I'm also open to working for an organization that sends me on missions to different parts of the world, allowing me to continue traveling while making a positive impact on the environment.

Alarcon Navarro Emilia (Mexico) Enrolled in 2023

I came across BPGI when I was searching for English programs in Japanese universities. Tsukuba University stood out because of its numerous English programs, and that's when I discovered BPGI. Initially torn between my interest in art and politics, I found that Global Issues aligned closely with my desire to further study. As I delved into the curriculum and course examples on the website, the inclusion of marine biology caught my attention, adding an intriguing interdisciplinary aspect to the program. When choosing a major, I had feared having to sacrifice some of my interests, and biology was one of them, but with BPGI, I felt I wouldn't have to abandon any of my passions.

Now, having spent about two months at BPGI, my experience has been mostly in line with my expectations. We're currently in the introductory phase of global issues, which provides me with time to contemplate my choices for future courses. The freedom in our studies has pleasantly surprised me. While we have assignments, the absence of constant monitoring from teachers has made me more responsible for my learning. Currently taking two language courses, I also appreciate the lack of restrictions in pursuing diverse interests. The flexibility allows me to explore my interests in various classes and I like that.

Looking ahead, my perspective on the future has evolved since I started at BPGI. Initially, I selected my major based on interests alone, not considering future applications. However, being immersed in BPGI has sparked an unexpected interest in teaching at the university level. Observing my professors, especially one who spoke six languages and conducted research abroad, inspired me. I'm leaning towards further studies with the ultimate goal of becoming a professor. The idea of a lifelong journey of studying, researching, and writing appeals to me, and BPGI seems like the perfect platform for that aspiration.

Shu Yanagisawa (Japan) Enrolled in 2023

I am Japanese but I lived in the United States for six years. I initially planned to stay in the United States. However, I decided to return to Japan for college considering the difference in tuition expenses. I chose the University of Tsukuba because I was already familiar with the city and campus from living in Tsukuba for three years. While looking at English programs at the University of Tsukuba, I found BPGI.

BPGI was the only English program that accepted Japanese national students, and it offered a curriculum that allowed students to explore different topics like environment and human studies. I did not know exactly what I wanted to study, but I knew I wanted to further my studies using English. BPGI seemed perfect since it was not restricted to one subject, allowing me to explore and learn a variety of things. I ended up not applying to other universities in Japan, staking everything on BPGI.

BPGI exceeded my expectations. The classes allowed me to explore many different topics. The student life is better than I expected, especially meeting people from many different countries.

Looking at the future, my plan has always been to go to graduate school. I want to pursue a master's degree, and while I am unsure about the details, I am considering staying in Japan or studying abroad. I am excited about the possibilities BPGI will offer me.