After graduating from BPGI, you can become involved in international organizations, research institutions, or global enterprises according to your own interests, in any place or country in the world, to solve various global issues with flexible, logical, and creative thinking skills and highly specialized knowledge.

Possibilities offered by the Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues

  • You can become a person in charge of developing a sustainable energy supply technology in overseas divisions of global companies such as sustainable development businesses.
  • You can become a person working for a research department of educational companies to provide effective methodology of interdisciplinary educational programs.
  • You can enroll in graduate school of urban environmental engineering to become a professional urban planner in an international organization, an academic organization or a global company.

Career Paths after Graduation

Employment in a global company
general trading companies (environmental businesses), medical, health equipment, food industry, overseas risk management company
Employment in international organizations
Entry to a graduate school
become a global leader in industries, government or academic institutions, or a researcher promoting global innovation.

Career Paths of Graduates

Approximately 30% of BPGI graduates go on to graduate schools in Japan and abroad, including the University of Tsukuba.
Others are employed by domestic and foreign companies in the trading, manufacturing, consulting, and education industries.
*Number of graduates: 10 in total (5 in AY2021, 5 in AY2022)