Graduates in 2022

・Carbon in the Ocean: A Look at the Microbial Effect on Ocean Carbon Cycling
・Gender Segregation in Public Transportation: Influence of Women-Only Carriages on the Victim-Blaming of Sexual Harassment Victims
・Effects of Counter-Insurgency (COIN) Strategy & Tactics on Militias and Civilian’s Relationship in Shifting Conflict Dynamics
・Association of Sedentary Behavior and Urinary Incontinence among Younger and Middle-Aged Women

Graduates in 2021

・The Conceptual Framework of Promoting the Internationalization of Higher Education in Taiwan and Japan
・Indonesian Bird Trend: Market, Regulations in Indonesia, and Progress towards Achieving the SDGs
・Fullerene Crystal Derived Nanoporous Carbon for Energy Storage Application
・A Comparison of the Influence of Social Media Use on Suicidal Thoughts and Mental Health in Japan and Taiwan
・Gotham, and Beyond:A Critical Reading on Batman: No Man’s Land

*Some of the titles are not disclosed due to the person’s wishes, etc.