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How does the entrance examination take place?

Applicants are comprehensively evaluated by academic achievement, external English examination result (TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.), an essay on your motivation, and by conducting an online interview, etc. by Skype.

Are there any scholarships?

There are various scholarships. For details, refer to the Student Support and Guidelines page.

What career options are there after graduation?

There are a variety of options available, including international organizations, global companies, trading businesses, or continuing to graduate school.

What is student life like at the University of Tsukuba?

You can get information in the following website in regard to student life at the University of Tsukuba.

I have limited Japanese language skills but is it possible to live in Tsukuba if you can only speak English?

About 2,300 international students study at the University of Tsukuba as of May, 2020. Most of them manage to live in Japan and conduct their daily affairs with little to no Japanese ability, using only English. The Center for Education of Global Communication also provides support for international students and foreign nationals who want to study at our university.

BPGI is an English program but can students take a course offered only in Japanese?

If the minimum graduation requirements set out by BPGI are met, there are no restrictions for taking additional courses in Japanese.
Active and self-motivated learning is recommended to broaden the students’ view. But please note that there are also courses that students not affiliated with a particular college cannot take.

When pursuing graduation research, which professor would be assigned for academic advisor?

Students can choose any of the BPGI professors as well as professors from other departments.

What types of business enterprises or organizations can be the candidates for my internship? Are there any internships offered through BPGI?

Companies with international operations, and international organizations can be the candidates. More details will be added as internships take place.