Various scholarships are available. See the International Students’ Guidebook as an example.
International Students’ Guidebook

Tuition exemption

Students who demonstrate excellent academic records may be exempted from paying half the tuition fee.

Admission fee and regular tuition fee 

• Admission fee: 282,000 yen

• Tuition fee: 535,800 yen / per year

Student Residence Halls

Accommodation in the student residence hall is available if desired. If a student taking admission in the Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues of 2017 wishes to reside in a student dormitory, he or she will live in the Global Village, which will become operational in April 2017. The monthly rent is 35,800 Yen (as of September 2017), and the residents have to pay monthly utility fees.

*The monthly rent is subject to change.

                           Room                                                   Shared LDK


Tutorial System

To ensure that students, who have never lived in Japan before, live and study in comfort, tutors are available to provide individual support for a certain number of hours.