Develop human resources capable of being active in
the global field at home and abroad

BPGI is a program to develop human resources capable of solving
global issues including global environmental changes and the world’s population and
food problems through a broad range of knowledge.

Program Summary

The purpose of the Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues, BPGI, is to provide students with basic knowledge and techniques to resolve global issues related to environmental matters and human beings. Graduates of this program can make decision and select an optimal solution across disciplines.


We focus on the following four issues: “Global Environment”, “Risk and Security”, “Social Diversity and Inclusiveness”, and “Human Health and Wellbeing”. The students will learn these in a cross-sectoral manner.


Because BPGI is an interdisciplinary program, faculty members at various schools and colleges are in charge.


A comprehensive decision is made based on the information on submitted documents and oral examinations.