Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues
Student Application Information AY2017
(Special entrance examination for privately funded international students)

5. Online application and submission of application documents

Our online application system enables applicants to input data online and upload image files (follow the procedures for inputting data online in English). Note that supporting documents such as certificates will need to be mailed separately.

  1. (1) Inputting application data (accepted online)

    Input content Who needs to input Remarks
    i. Applicant data All applicants
    1. □ Name: As written in your passport
    2. □ ID photo: This ID photo must be taken within the last three months with no hats or other head adornments. Take the photo with your glasses on if you will be wearing glasses during interviews.
    3. □ Date of Birth: Select year (in AD), month, and date.
    4. □ Sex: Select sex.
    5. □ Nationality: Select nationality.
    6. □ Applicant’s contact information: Select the country name and input your address, zip code, phone number and e-mail address.
    7. □ Additional contact information other than the applicant’s: Select the relationship with the applicant and country name and input the address, zip code, phone number and e-mail address.
    Applicants to whom this applies
    1. □ Current affiliation: Input name of your school, company or any other organization.
    2. □ Status of Residence: Select your status of residence in Japan. (Only for those staying in Japan).
    ii. Examination site All applicants
    1. □ Desired examination site: Select the University of Tsukuba or outside Japan (via Skype or other).
    iii. Application qualifications, etc. All applicants
    1. □ Nationality: You can only select “Nationality other than Japanese”
    2. □ Application qualifications (1)
      (4 Application qualifications (1) Select the relevant application qualification from ➀ to ➄)
    3. □ Application qualifications (2)
      (For persons who took TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or other English proficiency tests implemented by a public agency, select and type in the score and for persons who have completed or are expected to complete a 3-year curriculum where the language of instruction is English at a senior high school, select.)
    4. □ Status of completion at high school (secondary education) attended: Select your graduation status (graduated or expected to graduate), as well as the applicable graduation date or expected graduation date
    iv. Educational background All applicants
    1. □ Primary education: Elementary school
    2. □ Secondary education (lower): Middle school, secondary education (upper), high school, technical college, etc.
    3. □ Higher education: university
    4. □ Other (technical college, etc.)
      Select the country name and enrollment and graduation dates, and input the school name and number of officially required years.
    v. Career history Applicants to whom this applies
    1. □ Job experience
      Input your job experience for the last 5 years except for part time job.
    vi. Essay All applicants
    1. □ Essay on your motivation
      ※ The Essay must be composed by the applicant him/herself.
      Describe your motivation to answer these questions: what kind of global issues you want to deal with after you graduate from this program, what you want to learn and what skills you want to acquire through this program. Then input your essay to the online form within the limitation of 800 words in English.

  2. (2) Application documents (to upload and send by post)
    Please upload image files of the following documents and also mail them separately.
    In the case of certificates prepared and issued by schools that are in foreign languages other than English, please translate their complete contents into Japanese or English and have the translations certified by the school in question or an official agency.

    Documents Who needs to submit Remarks
    i. Certificate of completion (or expected completion) All applicants Upload your senior high school (secondary education curriculum) certificate of completion (or expected completion), and mail the original separately by April 24 (Mon.), 2017 (must arrive by this date).
    ii. Transcript All applicants Upload your three-year senior high school (secondary education curriculum) transcript and mail the original separately by April 24 (Mon.), 2017 (must arrive by this date).
    Applicants to whom this applies
    1. (1) Applicants who have an International Baccalaureate Diploma should mail a copy of the diploma and the original of the official final IB exam grade transcript.
    2. (2) Applicants who have Abitur credentials (Germany) should mail a copy of the general qualification for university entrance certificate and grades transcript.
    3. (3) Applicants who have baccalauréat credentials (France) should mail a copy of the baccalauréat diploma and an original grades transcript.
    4. (4) Applicants who have GCE Advanced Level qualifications (United Kingdom) should mail an original of the grades transcript for Advanced Level subjects.
    iii. Reference Letter All applicants The “Reference Letter” printed from the Application Information should be filled out by your school principal and submitted in a sealed envelope. Additionally, the referee should write the names of the referee and the referred on the envelope to ensure quick identification and upload the image file of the filled-out letter. If your school principal is unable to write the reference letter, ask someone who is thoroughly familiar with you or someone who has been involved in your educational activities such as your academic advisor, homeroom teacher, etc.
    iv. Other certificates Applicants to whom this applies If you have qualification by any standardized test, mail the original certificate by April 24 (Mon.), 2017 (must arrive by this date).
    Examples of standardized test:
    – SAT (United States of America)
    – College Scholastic Ability Test (South Korea)
    – National Higher Education Entrance Examination (People’s Republic of China)

  3. (3) Application documents (for uploading only)
    Please upload (in JPG format) the following documents:

    Documents Who needs to submit Remarks
    i. Passport All applicants Please upload an image file of your passport information page.
    ii. Certificate of English proficiency test Applicants to whom this applies If you have a score of TOEFL-iBT, TOEIC Listening & Reading, IELTS Academic, or an equivalent official English examination, upload scanned files of the certificate. TOEIC Institutional Program (IP) Score Report and TOEFL Institutional Test Score Record are excluded.
    iii. Certificate of Japanese proficiency Applicants to whom this applies If you have any certificate of your Japanese proficiency (e.g. JLPT), upload the scanned files. They will be used only for the placement of Japanese courses after you enter this program and are not related to the selection procedure for the entrance.
    iv. Financial plan All applicants Fill out the “Financial plan” printed from the Application Information and upload the image file.

  4. (4) Entrance examination fee payment
    Payment of a ¥17,000 entrance examination fee is required (separate handling charges are also incurred for the payment). Please follow the online system instructions when paying by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB or American Express). Payment by credit card in the name of someone other than the applicant is also permitted.
    Please complete payment procedures on the online payment site ( before inputting data on the web system.
    Please input your receipt number after payment. Further, please click the Application Results button after completing payment, print out the information screen displayed, and send this to us by post.

  5. (5) Examination ID Card
    Please print out your examination ID card after transmitting your application data to present it when taking the entrance examination.

  6. (6) Address sheet
    Please use the address sheet that can be printed out after transmitting your application data to affix on an envelope containing items listed in (2) (application documents to be mailed) and (4) (entrance examination fee payment) printed copy of screen shot of your examination fee credit card payment receipt above, and submit these by post.