Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues
Student Application Information AY2017
(Special entrance examination for privately funded international students)


1. Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues (English Program)

Contributing to address global issues beyond national borders including global environmental change and the world’s population and food problems and to transform to a sustainable society in which global conservation and humans coexist is the most important task for the international society in the 21st century. Therefore, it is becoming more important all over the world to develop human resources with motivation and knowledge to resolve these issues.
Considering such situation, this program provides students with broad, fundamental knowledge to see global issues from a wide point of view and trains them to aspiringly pursue the acquisition of interdisciplinary information and technique which are necessary to resolve specific tasks about humans and the environment. They will be able to make a decision by selecting optimal solutions from various possible choices.

2. Entrance examination schedule (Japan Standard Time)

(1) Application submission period (accepted online) Noon, March 1 (Wed.) to 5 p.m., April 12 (Wed.), 2017
(2) Application document mailing deadline (for documents to be uploaded and mailed) Must arrive by April 24 (Mon.), 2017
(3) Entrance examination dates The dates are set by the university during the period from May 15 (Mon.) to 19 (Fri.), 2017
(4) Announcement of successful applicants June 7 (Wed.), 2017
(5) Enrollment procedures deadline July 7 (Fri.), 2017 (mailed items must arrive by this date)
(6) Enrollment ceremony September 29 (Fri.), 2017 (tentative)
(7) Enrollment date October 1 (Sun.), 2017

Applicants with disabilities—notice regarding prior consultation
Any applicant who requires special arrangements to take the entrance examination or while studying must consult with the BPGI Office (see 12. Inquiries) by February 28 (Tue.), 2017. We may not be able to make special arrangements in the case of requests received after the deadline for application submission.

3. Admission policy and application capacity

To nurture talented people who play an active role globally with their own accord, University of Tsukuba we will accept the students who have basic academic ability to acquire knowledge in their major field of study, analytic ability of various problems, positive and energetic personality and initiative in daily affairs.

Name of program Bachelor’s Program in Global Issues
Admission policy Applicants should have an interest in problems on the global environment (climate change, destruction of nature, pollution, etc.), human society (food, poverty, aging society, etc.) and handle knowledge in both the humanities course and the science course so that they can contribute to the society by working for a global company or an international organization at home and abroad, or to the innovations in the future.
Applicant capacity Small number